Paying Yourself, Your Staff, and Your Bills: Helping Child Care Programs Understand and Navigate SBA Loan Options 


In addition to the $3.5 billion for CCDBG provided by Congress in the recent CARES Act, there are multiple options for child care programs across states and settings to get financial support to survive this crisis. This webinar from NAEYC will bring together expertise from the banking, business, and child care industries with lessons from the first few days following the opening of the Paycheck Protection Program, in order to help you learn about how the different options work, which might be best for you, and what precise steps you have to take to apply for them. 



While the bulk of the webinar will focus on helping participants understand and navigate through the SBA loan options, we will also talk about how these options intersect with unemployment insurance, as we know many folks have questions about this.  


We will be sharing written resources later this week as well, and (with the caveat that new guidance is being issued practically every day, so some things may have changed or may yet change), we encourage you to access resources from our partners, including:



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