Babies in Playroom
Back-to-School Virtual Event
Saturday, October 23
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Seating Limited

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Danielle Norton

Session I - 9:30 am

This session will empower participants to understand the importance of family engagement and clearly define the difference between family involvement and true family engagement. Participants will learn about a key element to achieving true family engagement, called funds of knowledge. We will define what funds of knowledge are and why it is important in developing relationships with children and with families. (Target: All)

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Susan Frizsell

Session II - 10:45 am

Science, Technoloty, Engineering, Art, and Math are important in the educational world for teaching critical thinking skills. In this workshop, we offer plenty of fantastic book suggestions as well as ideas for experiments and lessons to get those students inspired to problem solve! (Target: Pre-K and directors)

Family Engagement: What Is It, Why
Is It Important, and How to Use Funds of Knowledge to Deepen It
STEAM and Literacy
Nashville Affiliate President of National Black Child Development Institute