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Early Learning Program Accreditation Benefits


Have you ever wanted to pursue NAEYC accreditation but were worried about the funding or the knowledge to complete the task?  

Now is the time!
This grant allows access to financial assistance and a network of people to mentor you through the process!
Early Learning Program Accreditation Assistance Application Page

NAAEYC Accreditation Assistance

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Through our partnership with TECTA and TSU, NAAEYC has funds to assist child care centers pursue NAEYC Accreditation in the following ways:

  • Sharing NAEYC Accreditation information

  • Mentoring new centers seeking accreditation

  • Mentoring accredited centers seeking renewal

  • Providing financial assistance with fees at every level

Funds are available to:

  • DHS Licensed Centers with a 2 or 3 Star Rating located across TN.

  • DOE centers do not qualify.

  • Current NAEYC accredited centers across TN seeking Renewal. DOE centers do not qualify. Please use Application for Currently accredited centers.

To apply for the NAAEYC Accreditation Assistance:

  • Meet the qualifying DHS license and Star Rated criteria

  • Complete the Hardcopy Application and submit by mail or email as soon as possible. First come/First Served policy.

  • Or, complete the Online Application (belowand submit as soon as possible.

  • Submissions accepted until funds are depleted.

Online Application: Please review the online application and be prepared to submit the required data and uploads prior to beginning. All information must be submitted at one time. Partial data is not saved. Applications will be reviewed by the grant committee. Communication will begin within two weeks.

Online Application

Center Staffing and Enrollment

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Accreditation Fee Structure

Fees are as follows: (based on the number of children your program.) Grants are reimbursements for fees paid to NAEYC. Proof of payment is required.

Stage 1 - Enrollment: ranges from $495 (1 to 60), $595 (61 to 120), $795 (121 to 240), $895 (241 to 360).

Stage 2 - Apply: ranges from $250 (1 to 60), $325 (61 to 120), $400 (121 to 240), $475 (241 to 360).

Stage 3 & 4 - Candidacy/site visit: ranges from $825 (1 to 60), $1,025 (61 to 120), $1,225 (121 to 240), $1,425 (241 to 360).


Maintaining Accreditation - Annual Accreditation Fees: $550 (1 to 60), $650 (61 to 120), $775 (121 to 240), $885 (241 to 360).

Quality Improvement Reimbursement: These funds may be used to reimburse expenses for quality improvements (resources, materials, facility improvements, etc). If you are seeking reimbursement for these expenses, please include a breakdown of purchases in your narrative detailing why you are seeking NAEYC accreditation. Receipts will be required. See below.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

The Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator Credential is administered by Tennessee Early

Childhood Training Alliance, approved by Tennessee Board of Regents and the National Association for the

Education of Young Children (NAEYC), granted by the Tennessee State University Center of Excellence for

Learning Sciences and funded by the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Center of Excellence for Learning Scienc
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