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NAAEYC is happy to provide FREE advertising for those seeking early childhood teaching staff and administrators in the greater Nashville area. Please send an email with the job posting as you would like it to appear. Advertisements may be edited due to space limitations.

Priestley Miller Preschool

February 12, 2024

Job Title

Assistant Preschool Teacher


Job Summary

An assistant teacher will assist the lead teacher in daily tasks, classroom management and providing a safe and positive classroom environment.



  • Help provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.

  • Promote social and emotional development, as well as physical and intellectual competence.

  • Provide positive guidance.

  • Establish positive relationships/communication with families.

  • Assist in maintaining a purposeful environment responsive to students’ needs.



  • Ability to work well and collaborate with others

  • Flexibility

  • Background check upon hire

  • CPR/First Aid certification within 3 months of hire

  • 12 hours of continuing education annually as required by DHS


Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior classroom experience. 

  • Preferred BS or Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education


Why you’ll love working at our center

PMP has a very positive and friendly work environment. We are a small school with a close-knit team of teachers. Our families are incredibly supportive and make coming to work a joy! We have been in operation for 54 years and have many special long-standing traditions that make our school extra special. (We also provide unlimited goldfish crackers and plenty of arts and crafts!)


How to apply

You can send your application to the Director, Hilarie Zimbicki, at


February 1, 2024

Three Year Old Lead Teacher

Job Description and Qualifications

Oak Hill School seeks a creative and collaborative candidate to lead our first three-year old classroom. This faculty
member will join a nurturing, Christian community committed to the School’s mission and vision for building a diverse
and inclusive environment where all children learn, grow, and thrive. The candidate will demonstrate a love of working
with children, an engaging teaching style, the ability to interact well with parents and colleagues. As we prepare
students to be lifelong learners, the same growth mindset is desired in our teachers. The ability to collaborate with a
team of teachers to develop lesson plans and instructional materials is essential.

Responsibilities Related to Prekindergarten Position:
● Create an environment for joyful learning
● Prepare lessons that follow the developmental needs and interests of the students
● Use creative, hands on methods of learning such as artistic expression, free play, songs, and storytelling
● Encourage and monitor social interactions among children
● Instill a sense of respect and discipline so that children work effectively in a classroom setting
● Supervise children outside of class time, including lunch time and the playground
● Ensure the classroom is safe, clean, and organized
● Set up materials and workspaces for classroom activities

Professional Responsibilities:
● Nurture the social, emotional, and spiritual growth of each student
● Communicate clearly, promptly, and professionally with students, parents, coworkers, and administrators
● Learn and implement best instructional practices by actively taking part in professional development
● Collaborate in a positive manner with the prekindergarten teachers and assistants
● Work with the assistant teacher in a manner that contributes to a child-centered classroom
● Be a positive advocate of the school both internally and externally

Skills and Characteristics:
● A commitment to student-centered learning and a solid understanding of pedagogical approaches aimed at
deep and differentiated learning
● An ability to work collaboratively with a positive spirit and sense of humor
● A growth mindset as demonstrated by a willingness to take feedback, be reflective, and adapt as needed
● A desire to be a lifelong learner as demonstrated by engagement in professional development
● Excellent communication and organizational skills
● A strong understanding of child development (academically, socially, and emotionally) and a passion for
working with the elementary-aged child
● An enthusiasm for relationship building with students, colleagues, and parents
● A commitment to support and be a part of building a diverse community that reflects God’s love as
expressed in the Christian tradition

● A comfort in sharing one’s faith through leading morning devotion and group prayer with students

● Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree in education preferred
● The preferred candidate will have teaching experience in a preschool setting. Familiarity with the Reggio
inspired approach is a plus.

November 20, 2023

Assistant Director – Westminster School for Young Children


The Assistant Director of Westminster School for Young Children must be passionate about early childhood education.  The Assistant Director should possess the academic qualifications of a teacher and administrator, while sharing a personal commitment to the school and church’s mission.  This person serves as a direct support to teachers and students and works closely with the Director.


The Assistant Director must have a bachelor’s degree and preferably a master's in early childhood education or a related field.  Teaching and managerial experience (at least 3-5 years) is required.  Experience with student management software, such as Blackbaud or similar, is preferred. General ease with using web-based tools such as Google Docs or Microsoft Teams is required.  The Assistant Director should communicate clearly and articulately both orally and in writing. The Assistant Director serves as the Director of Camp Westminster, the school’s 6-week summer program.


The Assistant Director’s responsibilities include healthy communication with students, parents, teachers, and church staff members. The Assistant Director must have thorough knowledge of all DHS licensing rules, including practical experience implementing these requirements, as well as familiarity with NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) standards.


The Assistant Director is responsible to the Director of WSYC.  This is a full-time position - competitive compensation, paid health insurance, and generous personal leave offered. Areas of responsibility include: Licensing & Accreditation, Admissions & Enrollment, Faculty Enrichment & Development, Outreach & Communications, Operations, and Summer Camp Management.


Please email Director Logan Lyman – – with your resume and cover letter. Position to begin March/April 2024.

October 2023

Nursery Childcare Position

St. Ann's Episcopal Church in East Nashville is seeking a nursery staff worker to care for children from infancy through
kindergarten-age during our Sunday services and the Christian Education hour, as well as Easter Vigil service and
Christmas Eve service.

The salary is $20 per hour – no benefits or vacation.




  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.

  • At least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license.

  • Current on Infant/Child CPR— training may be provided.

  • If hired, must complete online program is offered through the diocese.

  • Have a clean background check.

  • Child care provider must be comfortable interacting with infants and toddlers and working with parents, church volunteers and other staff.

  • Abide by all church policies including staying off the phone and playing with children.

  • Hours: generally Sunday morning availability from 8:30 AM to noon. Easter Vigil service (Saturday night before Easter and early evening Christmas Eve service, usually 5 p.m.


Job Description:

  • Responsible for keeping the child care space clean and organized and for keeping an inventory of needed nursery items, toys, cleaning supplies, etc.

  • Check diapers every hour and change children when needed.

  • Introduce yourself to parents/guardians who visit the nursery.

  • Be prepared to work every Sunday morning and during special events and church meetings as negotiated.

  • Use the provided forms to accurately record hours worked each week.

  • Communicate supplies needed to the Children and Youth director.

  • Abide by Safeguarding God’s Children policies.

  • Play with the children during your shift or participate in other duties assigned to you.

  • Always abide by the St. Ann’s Employee Policies which include dressing appropriately, staying off cellphone during your shift, and keeping food and drink in designated areas and away from children.

  •  Provide a safe, secure, clean environment for children.

  • Meet with Children and Youth director for an evaluation each year.

  • Be of good moral character including trustworthiness and dependability.

  • Arriving on time.

  • Be polite, friendly and courteous to all children, parents and other staff.

  • Physically, must be able to stand for more than an hour at times; also, crawl, stoop, kneel, walk, sit, crawl, and  reach up with hands and arms.

  • All staff are required to be fully-vaccinated and wear masks around unvaccinated children.

  • Hours: generally Sunday morning availability from 8:30 AM to noon. Easter Vigil service (Saturday night before Easter and early evening Christmas Eve service, usually 5 p.m.


Please send a resume to

July 5, 2023



Our Mother's Day Out Program is in urgent need of teachers for the fall session. Green Hills Community Church is located at 5035 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215. One Co-teacher position on Monday-Thursday from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Tuesday/Thursdays teachers needed for one year old class and toddler classes. Please contact Gayle Smith at or call 615-828-0756. MDO begins on September 5 and runs through May 15. Pay begins at $16/hour with 2 paid days off for T/TH and 4 paid days off for M-TH, holidays are paid.

July 5, 2023


School Teachers & Early Childhood Educators for children from toddler and preschool to 4th grade

A New leaf School of Nashville is growing and we are looking to hire qualified educators for both our farm and arboretum campuses. Our students range in age from 18 months to 4th grade. We work in the Reggio way spending vast amounts of time outdoors and inside our labs, ateliers and dens. We incorporate several compatible practices to create an emergent curriculum to engage as co-researchers in collaboration with other educators, our students, and families. Our approach is project based. Explicit instruction to meet Tennessee standards often takes the shape of games or scientific inquiry. Surrounded by plants, soil, water, and animals, we never lack for study systems! We encourage a naturalist way of life with environmental protection on local and global levels. We spend hours in natural settings aiming to connect with and love the inhabitants of our ecosystems. We become part of the environment, and our connections include humans. To connect with each other, we must also serve our community by developing social emotional competencies for ourselves and then take care of our city by participating in community events and projects.


Working at A New Leaf is a journey of discovery and experimentation. You are guaranteed to learn a lot about yourself and the world. A New Leaf is a breath of fresh air, it is also hot, beautiful, muddy, creative, head scratching, wet, engaging, frosty, laughter, challenges, relationship building, sweet moments, hands-on, inspiring, and filled with mentorship and leadership opportunities for all participants. That is what we do best: playfully and seriously learn, together in community, about things that are real, meaningful, at times enigmatic, and always powerful! Here you are part of something greater than yourself. Together we question and improve the means and goals of education.


The interview process is as follows:

First submit a resume with a cover letter describing 1-your work experience, 2- your teaching philosophy, 3- your understanding of the Reggio educational experience, 4- your hobbies and passions, 5- your abilities and skills, 6- describe your relationship with the outdoors, 7-look at our website and explain how your work with us would further our mission, and 8- describe your short and long term career goals.


Second, we will reply with an email to send more information for you to prepare for a Zoom interview.


Third, selected applicants will come for a Discovery Day Interview, to teach alongside our educators, experiencing the day as a co-teacher.


Fourth, we will make offers to two toddler teachers, two preschool teachers, two kindergarten teachers, one teacher for first and second graders, and one teacher for third and forth graders.



  • Attend the first two weeks of In-Service to receive invaluable training and onboarding regarding our culture, values, procedures, and roles.

  • Understand the history and culture of A New Leaf as a jumping point to evolve an emergent curriculum and schedule to educate the whole child using our land and resources.

  • Integrate the big picture of the emergent curriculum with activities and projects that address the Tennessee Standards and meet your students’ needs.

  • Plan explorations, lessons, activities, and projects using a template in our Notion software by writing lesson plans (called weekly explorations) weekly.

  • Contribute towards ongoing projects that will serve to enhance the education of the children following common observed interests or developmental needs.

  • Plan and conduct your own group’s projects to evolve to benefit the plants and animals on the land.

  • Develop learning opportunities to take place outdoors in all kinds of weather working in gardens, fields, creek, pond, and hilly forests, at times with animals such as goats and chickens.

  • Develop learning opportunities to take place in the Art Studio, Light Lab, Exploratorium, Botany Lab, and other spaces that we develop together.

  • Observe each child to help them improve their social competencies, build self-esteem, and grow in all developmental domains.

  • Create various types of documentation to reflect on your practices, and to make the learning visible to the students, families, and the community. Documentation takes many forms from notes, pages of text, to a weekly gallery of photos and culminating project photo albums.

  • Develop portfolios for each of your students. Teachers of students from Kindergarten to 4th Grade have 8 to 10 full time students each. Preschool teachers have 12 to 14 since some students attend part time.

  • Assessing student progress. Communicate progress and delays with the director and with parents.

  • Participate in weekly meetings with other educators at our school and in professional development.

  • Activate parent engagement with different types of “homework”.

  • Prepare for parent-teacher conferences and parent engagement nights, as well as participate in such events and various festivals.

  • Collaborate with co-teachers on the development and activation of projects.

  • Maintain clean and tidy learning spaces consistent with health and safety standards.



  • Experience working with groups of children and/or an Associate, Bachelors, or Masters degree in early childhood education or elementary education.

  • Understanding of child development.

  • Excellent communication.

  • Excellent organization.

  • Ability to act as mediator between children.

  • Cool-tempered, friendly, and reliable.

  • Balance between a creative mind and a practical acumen.

  • Ability to integrate and isolate the teaching of language arts and numeracy.

  • Enthusiasm and ability to develop the outdoor classroom space in par with the indoor classroom space and to integrate nature/environmental education daily.

  • Stamina to hike on a hill and endurance for bug bites, ticks, and other wild-life.

  • Ability to work in teams as well as independently.

  • Ability to follow and create rituals that help nurture transitional and calming moments.

  • Ability to work outdoors in all elements.

  • Certification in adult/child/infant first aid and CPR (or willing to get the training).

  • FBI background and criminal check, health report (when you receive our offer).

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.00 - $23.00 per hour depending on degree and experience.


Yearly renewable positions begin July 31st 2023 and end June 21st 2024. We encourage all of our teachers to work the weeks of summer camps, but you may potentially have up to five weeks of unpaid vacation in the summer, with a minimum of two weeks.


Reviews and contract renewals for all teachers are conducted in March each year for the next school year.



  • Paid planning time weekly

  • Paid time off: 28 days

  • Paid In-Service days: 22 days

  • Monthly bonus of $265 to be applied to your choice of tuition, health care, IRA, or additional insurances such as Dental, Cancer, Life, Short Term Disability, or other.

  • Sick/Personal discretionary time: 80 hours (not intended for vacations or leisurely travel).

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

  • Accident at work medical coverage.



  • Monday to Friday, 40 hours a week, teachers are staggered between 7:30am and 4:30pm.

  • Planned work at home to finish documentation or weekly intentions and faculty zoom staff meetings.

  • Occasional evenings with families and weekend festivals (all are posted ahead of time on the school calendar).



  • Experience working with groups of children and/or an Associate, Bachelors, or Masters degree in early childhood education or elementary education.


Work Location:

  • Ability to drive to 7520 Charlotte Pike 37209, and to 4341 Pecan Valley Road 37218.

May 9, 2023 - Job Posting (Ongoing)

Vanderbilt University’s early childhood care and education program, The Acorn School


The Acorn School is hiring for the position of Assistant Teacher in our licensed childcare center. The program is PLAY-based and offers a Whole Child pedagogy.  The Acorn School Emergent Curriculum is featured in the Early Childhood Success video series produced by The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning & Innovation. Click on: Child-Led Inquiry in a Pre-K Classroom  

Please note: This advertisement is for a full-time, hourly, benefits eligible position. For questions or concerns, please contact For part-time options, please contact


From birth through age five, children develop a sense of emotional security, form relationships, and learn social skills. Young children depend on early childhood educators for physical care; their survival depends on attentive, nurturing adults. The responsiveness of early childhood educators to the social, emotional, and physical needs of young children has a profound influence on children’s development and learning.


The work of the Assistant Teacher requires simultaneous attention to teaching and caregiving, meeting young children’s needs for nurturance while maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment.



  • Experience caring for young children ages 0-5 years

  • Experience working with children and families in a child care center

  • Knowledge of Child Development

  • Respectful communication: responsive listening, problem-solver, initiates crucial conversations

Review Full Job Description


Link to job posting that applicants must apply to:

April 13, 2023


West Nashville CP Church-Children's Weekday Ministry (Multiple Opportunities)

The Children's Weekday Ministry at WNCP is a family-focused vibrant early education center offering a warm Christian environment in the heart of West Nashville. We believe both children and staff are individually unique and should be honored as such. 

Currently, we have immediate full-time opportunities for educators and support staff. We operate three shifts but opening and closing shifts are current priorities. Flexibility in scheduling is a definite plus! 

Hours of operation are 7:15 am to 5:15 pm and operates year round. Work schedules are staggered to cover the day adequately and safely.

1.  Early Childhood Educators - Full Time Opportunities 

  • Toddler educators will be a fully trained co-teacher willing to share all duties equally and in a timely manner. All personnel are expected to have a strong work ethic (low absenteeism, timely arrival, respectful interactions, meet required deadlines, able to communicate well with parents and staff, etc.)

  • Full Job Description available by emailing:

2.  Early Childhood Support Staff - Full-time preferably

  • Support personnel to act as floaters assisting across all age group and general facility duties

  • Support personnel are typically expected to either open or close the center.


Eligibility - The Children's Weekday Ministry is a ministry of the church, and its employees must be of the Christian faith.


Send resume directly to


Job Type: Full-time for Teaching Staff

Pay: $15 - $19 per hour - compensation depends on education and relevant child care experience

Performance Bonuses: Applicable after a successful 90-day probationary experience.

Current Openings

Organization: ChildcareTennessee

Role: Substitute Teacher


If you are passionate about the field of early childhood education, interested in becoming part of a community of learners, are professional and reliable, and possess the skills to work as a member of a team, please submit your resume. The Sub Service offers its members opportunities for paid, ongoing professional development. Our program can lead to permanent positions or supplement your current work or school life.


Our online Substitute Service is ideal for people looking for flexible hours. You choose the childcare centers and areas of the community in which you wish to work. Jobs are announced per text message and you choose if you wish to apply. Pay is based on your education and experience. Hours are flexible and will vary from week to week. No minimum hours are guaranteed.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • High energy

  • Ability to work well with others

  • Access to email and internet.

  • Must provide past employment and personal references.

  • Must clear full background check.

  • Must pass health screening.



$10-$13 an hour


Send Resume to

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