Public Policy & Important News

Public Policy will keep you up to date on important legislative activity that directly impacts the lives of young children and their families. Occasionally, you may be asked to contact your representative to show your support or opposition to legislative action.


We recommend that you register with American for Early Ed to stay up-to-date on all public policy notifications at the federal level as it pertains to young children and their families.

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There are many ways you can join the fight to solve child care. Below are some ideas. Determine what combination works best for you. 

Throughout this toolkit you'll find examples for each action item, and opportunities to contact your lawmakers with just one click.

  • Call or write your Representative or Senators and ask them to pass legislation to invest in child care. 

  • Make a video and post it to social media. State how you've been impacted by America’s child care crisis and ask Congress to ensure that the early learning provisions of the American Families Plan are included in the final reconciliation bill. 

  • Tweet your Members of Congress. Share how you've been impacted by the child care crisis and ask them to ensure Congress passes significant, sustained funding for the child care sector.

  • Send a letter to the editor or publish an op-ed with a personal story in your local, regional, or state newspapers to engage the media.

Now is the time to build a system of early care and education that works.

For many years, the high cost and limited supply of child care and preschool across the country have created insurmountable challenges for too many families. 

The existing structure of America’s child care market is unsustainable. Most parents can’t afford the high cost of care. Half of Americans live in an area without quality care options at all. And because high-quality early care & education is such an expensive service to deliver, providers of all sizes are faced with an entirely untenable business model that often translates into near-poverty wages for early educators. 


Without question, child care is an integral pillar supporting America's economic recovery and long-term success. Fortunately, momentum is growing in Washington for a major investment in our children, our families, our early educators, and our economic future. In addition to the $25 billion proposal for child care facilities in the American Jobs Plan, the administration's proposed American Families Plan would provide a $225 billion investment to address the child care needs of families and providers, $200 billion to expand voluntary preschool access to all 3- and 4-year-olds, and an extension of recent improvements to crucial tax credits, including the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit (CDCTC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC). 


We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure the kind of investment that could truly create a better early learning system — one that works for working families and the educators they rely on. However, there are a number of important priorities competing for a limited amount of federal funding, and some lawmakers aren't convinced of the need to pass the American Families Plan at all. 


As reconciliation negotiations unfold in Congress, it is critical that the Democrats’ final reconciliation package include these essential investments in America's child care system. Your lawmakers need to hear from you that America's economic recovery cannot succeed without child care. Significant investments in child care are necessary to ensure these essential businesses can keep their doors open and offer quality care that parents can afford.

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