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Educator Spotlight 1- Jamie

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Name: Jamie

Are you a member of NAAEYC?


How long have you been working in early childhood education and/or childcare?

"27 years"

Do you currently hold a Child Development Associates Credential or degree/license in Early Childhood Education?

"I have a Master's in Education with an endorsement in Prek."

What inspired your decision to work in early childhood education?

"I believe learning should be engaging, developmentally appropriate and fun. Early childhood is the place most likely to be able to make all this happen."

What motivates you to continue to serve young children and families daily?

"I am an admin. I feel that it is important for young learners to experience engaging lessons and be a part of a rigorous classroom environment. I can continue to have an impact on teachers and children in this role. "

What’s something special that you would like to share with other childcare professionals?

"Developmentally appropriate practice is key! Purposeful play is a must! Do all that you can to construct a fun, intentional, rigorous learning environment and always have high expectations for your students. "

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