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Educator Spotlight 2- Cheryl

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Name: Cheryl

Are you a member of NAAEYC?


How long have you been working in early childhood education and/or childcare?

"I have 40 years invested in the field of early childhood education."

Do you currently hold a Child Development Associates Credential or degree/license in Early Childhood Education?

"I have a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from MTSU and have been a classroom teacher, center director, center administrator and NAAEYC office administrator."

What inspired your decision to work in early childhood education?

"Originally, I had planned to study special education, but changed my direction to focus on the young child and their development. I truly believe that there's a short window of opportunity in a child's life that will forever shape their future potential; positively or negatively. Early intervention and providing rich hands-on experiences change the brain...I love studying brain development!"

What motivates you to continue to serve young children and families daily?

"I was an administrator for about 10 years and worked hard to inspire teachers to be their best for children and families. Working to build relationships with families is vital for trust to grow and partnerships to develop. "

What’s something special that you would like to share with other childcare professionals? "Working in child care is difficult as you try to nurture children, build relationships, follow licensing standards, getting required professional development, and taking care of yourself and your family. I believe working with young children is a calling and must be a passion of yours if you are to be successful. Children deserve to be cared for by someone who truly loves, respects and values them unconditionally. There's no "faking it till you make it." Every day you greet children with a smile and a touch, you have invested in their future."

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