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Educator Spotlight 4- Michaelle

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Name: Michaelle

Are you a member of NAAEYC?


How long have you been working in early childhood education and/or childcare?

"10 Plus Years"

Do you currently hold a Child Development Associates Credential or degree/license in Early Childhood Education?

"I have a BA in Child Development, an MBA in Entrepreneur, an MAED in Early Childhood Education and an MAED in Child Development."

What inspired your decision to work in early childhood education?

"I'm a Lead Infant Teacher. I have always loved children and while in college I was working in a childcare center and realized that this was my calling."

What’s something special that you would like to share with other childcare professionals? "Always treat your student how you want your children's teachers to treat yours. No matter how crazy you look to the outside world, your students love to see you cut loose and roll around with them on the floor. "

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